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Everything You Need To Know About Grip Seal Bags

A versatile and cost-effective packaging that can be used for food and non-food use, grip seal bags are a popular option for industry, retail and private use. Made from polythene, a grip seal bag is a plastic bag which benefits from a grip seal across the top. The grip seal can be set to the closed position simply by applying pressure to either side of the grip. Once sealed, the bag is almost airtight. A grip seal bag can usually be opened simply by pulling the two sides apart. Grip seal bags are available in a range of different sizes and weights of polythene, ensuring there's one for any purpose.

The Advantages Of A Grip Seal Bag

One of the major benefits of a grip seal bag is the degree of protection it offers the contents. Grip seals are durable, robust seals which can be airtight. This helps to preserve perishable contents, minimising the risk of contamination by airborne particles. It also ensures that contents don't leak out.

Grip seal bags protect contents from a range of external contaminants, including water, air pollution or general wear and tear. Grip seal bags are great when it comes to organising components or other equipment. Because they are available in various sizes, they can be used for anything from screws and nails right up to individual components. If required they can also be supplied with write on panels, adding greater clarity. Generally, the bags are very easy to open and close. Completely reusable, most grip seal bags simply pull open. No additional equipment is needed to open the bags and they do not require much skill to close. Simply push the two sides together and the seal is created.

Common Uses For Grip Seal Bags

Grip seal bags can be used for any purpose where a substance needs to be protected from the outside environment. They are commonly used for organising electronic items, packaging, banking, cataloguing items, storage, lunch bags and many more applications. No matter what purpose you have in mind, there will usually be a grip seal bag in the size and configuration that you're looking for.

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